Taking Stock

Recently I came across this lovely post from Pip of Meet Me At Mikes called Taking Stock.  I thought it would be a nice way to help myself slow down and take notice. So with the help of the list provided by Pip here's what my world looks like lately.

Making : Im taking part in Andi Satterlund’s MarionKAL. Hoping to finish it off this week with a few days to spare… Hoping being the key word there.

Cooking : Cheesymite scrolls for my boy

Drinking : Ginger and lemongrass tea

Reading: Old Frankie magazines

Wanting: To bake an Anzac cake

Looking: At the blossom tree in the yard

Playing: With empty toilet rolls. Yep really. According to Eddie they are the best toy ever today!

Deciding: Which knitting project to cast on after my Marion.

Considering: Knitting a cardigan from a self designed pattern. Perhaps I should make a start on this instead of casting on something else.

Wishing: That I could be at home with Eddie everyday

Enjoying: Getting things organised to make a Sewaholic Rae Skirt  for summer. Fabric washed, just need to trace out the pattern and I’m ready to go

Waiting: For my Quince & Co order to arrive. (It arrived just as I finished writing this post. YUSS!)

Loving: Etsy. Thankfully most things I love are from the U.S and the postage is way too expensive otherwise we would be very poor. I love to look and be inspired by all the loveliness though.

Listening: To The Jezabels, Prisoner

Watching: The return episodes of The Vampire Diaries,  The Originals and Once Upon a Time. So pleased the new seasons are back.

Hoping: Eddie eats his dinner tonight and doesn't pif it on the floor.

Marvelling: Woman who return to work after having children and are as alert and switched on as what they were before having children. Its been a year back at work for me and my brain still feels mushy.

Needing: To fold the washing. Blugh

Smelling: Incense that is burning on my window cill

Wearing: My Monetta dress

Following: Mandarines on instagram

Noticing: That all of a sudden its almost Christmas again… when did that happen?

Knowing: I need to change the protective cover on my phone screen. I can hardly see through it anymore its so scratched.

Thinking: That I’d like to blog a bit more than I do. I enjoy it so I should make the time.

Admiring: The no dig garden bed my friend helped me to make for this years tomatoes.

Sorting: All the fabric on my sewing room floor.

Buying: Phoebe Wahl gardening Journals for myself and as gifts and postcards by Illustrator Emily Winfield Martin

.Getting: Some more pea straw to make another no dig garden bed

Bookmarking: Everything I can find on harvesting onions and garlic

Disliking: That my eyesight has changed again and I need new glasses. I really like my old glasses but it’s cheaper to get new ones from Bonlook than getting the lenses replaced in my old ones at the local optometrist.

Opening: My parcel from Quince & Co

Giggling: With Eddie about everything and anything

Feeling: Like I’ll never have the energy I used to again. I know this isn’t true. I mean it cant be….right? I cant feel tired forever can I?

Snacking: Sultanas

Coveting: My sister in laws new Sims 4 game. I don't usually like games but I do very much like playing Sims.

Wishing: That there wasn't always little fingerprints on my specs. Though I suspect that one day I'll actually miss this

Helping: Eddie make snakes out of his play dough

Hearing: The dog snore. Its a bit chilly today so he's snoozing inside

So thats me for the moment. If you feel like Taking Stock Pip provides a list here you can use or you can just make up your own. If you do decide to Take Stock and want to share let me know, I'd love to see your list too!