Winter Knitting

Its smack bang in the middle of winter and it's bloody freezing. It snowed last week in Victoria. Not at my place but not far from here. Every summer I wish for winter to hurry up and arrive, I hate the heat. Once its here though I always find myself hoping Spring will be here soon.

My garden is going rubbish and not much has germinated at all. A couple of pea plants have come up (5 out of 12 that I put in) the carrots haven't come up at all and potatoes have come up where I put the spinach in… must have been some spuds left over in the dirt from last year. My garlic and onions are going ok though and hopefully I’ll have some cauliflower heads to harvest soon. 

Along with winter have come the bouts of head colds, coughs and runny noses. I haven't felt much like sewing at all. I seem to just want to snuggle on the couch with my fairy lights on and knit. So thats what I have been doing. My knits have mostly been to keep my loved ones warm (the best kind) though I have knitted a jumper and a half a cardigan for myself. I wanted to take part in the OAL that Andi and Lauren were hosting but I seem to have one skein of a different dye lot left to knit the last of my cardigan and you can tell the colours are slightly different so I’ve put it to the side for now to work on later when I swap the skein over. I am enjoying knitting more than I am sewing lately. Don't get me wrong, I still LOVE to sew but I’ve found knitting to be a sort of meditation. I feel lately like I have so much going on. So much that if  you asked me what I have going on I probably couldn't tell you because its just day to day life. But its there, and its going on. Knitting seems to be the only shield from it lately when I need a break.

Mr Pitt's Socks

I started to knit these socks for my Dad last winter for his birthday. I finished one in time but not the other. When I was little I would make things for my parents birthdays and give the gift half finished. Id then give them the other part finished for christmas. This wasn't intentional, its just how it turned out. My Mum joked and said I could just do that with the socks. Being reminded that I did this made me determined to finish them off by his birthday this year and give him the pair. To me it feels like a little symbol that I am a grown up now and can give whole gifts. Because thats all you have to do to be a grow up right? I used Quince & Co Chickadee in Sabine and the pattern is Mr Pitts Socks. Ravelled here.

Textured Rib Gloves

I must be getting faster at knitting because I managed to knit my mum these gloves in under a week. This is pretty good for me considering they are teeny tiny stitches. I still haven't blocked them or woven the ends. I used Quince & Co Finch in Peacock and the pattern is Textured Rib Gloves. Ravelled here. I have a skein of Finch in River and am considering making a pair for myself for next winter. I love that they only used one skein too!

Kyoto Vest

I think this Kyoto vest is my most favourite. Ravelled here. I made it for my small human who is becoming not so small anymore. He's been wearing it over a little checked flannel shirts and it looks adorable. Again I've used Quince & Co wool, Lark this time in Gingerbread. This took me no time at all to knit up, really quick and easy. I will be making more of these, they are so good for ease of movement, no restrictive puffy jackets to hinder playing. AND the real seller for me is he doesn't try to take it off the second I’ve put it on him.


Last but not least, my Chuck sweater. Pattern by Andi Satterlund. I loved knitting this pattern so much I’ve got a few more of Andi’s designs lined up and ready to go in my Ravelry queue. Andi's patterns are beautifully written and easy to follow. I used wool from the Bendigo Woollen Mills for my Chuck, Luxury 10ply in Cream. Its so soft and cuddly. I do love the wool from Bendigo Woollen Mills, very much but I find I use the Quince & Co more often than not because of the wider range of colours. Both are equally as lovely to work with though. 

So whats next on my needles? I have a little hoodie I have almost finished that I need to get done before our holiday to The Grampians in a couple of weeks, some socks and mittens for gifts and a Camilla sweater for a dear friends baby girl. The wool she has chosen is pink. Its going to be nice to knit something girly.

Do your crafting preferences change depending on the seasons?

I hope you're all keeping warm and cozy or if you're lucky enough to be over the other side at the moment, I hope you're enjoying the sunshine.

Caitlan x