Made for Mama- Darling Rangers Dress

Darling Rangers Dress_-2 I have been wanting to make Megan Neilsen's Darling Rangers Dress since I very first opened my little store a few years ago. Back then Megan’s patterns were sold in paper format and I’m kicking myself now for not keeping one (and some others) for myself before they sold out. The patterns are still available as PDF though so all is not lost.

I finished the dress a couple of months ago and have certainly been getting my wear out of it on these hot summer days. Its actually a little big for me now but because of the tie at the back I can just pull it in and it doesn't really matter. I wish I had it while I was pregnant then after when I was nursing. The adjustability with the ties and button front would have been perfect. All I would have needed to do I think was raise the waist slightly.

I cut a size 12 and made no alterations (love that). I used a Kaufmann cotton lawn, again from the Lennox Gardens range. When I ordered the fabric I though the print was a bit smaller than it is. I felt a bit flower power-ish when it first arrived  it but its really grown on me and now I love it.

Darling Rangers Dress Indie Stitches-2

The instructions are well set out and very easy to follow. The Darling Rangers dress comes with a few different design options- Different sleeve lengths and also some fabulous tutorials in the new PDF download  for pattern alterations to make a tunic top or dress. I’ve also made the tunic top (not blogged yet) and love it.

Photo from Megan Nielsen's Design Diary

I make good use of the side pockets, filling it with things such as my phone, keys, tissues and lately match box cars (Eddie’s new favourite things). They are pretty roomy pockets, though obviously I cant fit all this in at once. Doesn't stop me from trying though!

Darling Rangers Dress Pockets-2

I love all of my me mades but I must say that so far this summer my Darling Rangers dress has been my most worn.

I hope you're having a lovely start to the new year!