Living Arrows 1-2/52

livingarrowswords Living arrows is a project hosted by Hayley from Shutterflies that’s all about celebrating childhood. I’ve combined the first and second week of January because really, this is all we have been doing while on holidays. Cars, cars and more cars. If we aren’t having some quiet time watching the Cars movie (Ka-Chow!) we are at the window watching the cars drive by or playing with the cars in the garden. He’s even tried to take his Matchbox cars to bed a couple of times but I’ve managed to pry them from his hands just after he’s drifted off (don’t really want one digging into his face in case he wakes up and then wakes me up).

Living Arrows week 1 cars-2

I am really excited about this little project. I think it will be lovely to look back over in 12 months time and see how my boy and his interests have grown.