Camilla Babe, Cot Sheet & a Hanky

  Camilla babe- Indie Stitches_-2

Camilla babe- Indie Stitches_-3

My Soul Sista’s little miss turned one last week so I thought rather than heading out and buying a gift I’d make her something special. Now I know you're probably thinking “Sweater, cot sheet and hanky? How boring for a one year old”… well yes, it is a little boring for a one year old, not much to play with but at least she’ll be cozy with a soft bed and clean nose. Not that she wouldn't be without my gifts!  I just love little girls things and not having a girl myself I tend to get a little excited about the prospect of making pretty pink things when the opportunity comes up. I’ll probably still be making her hankies when she's old enough to realise how boring  they really are but I know one day she’ll love the hankies her Aunty Caits made her when she was little.

Camilla babe- Indie Stitches_-4

Camilla Babe Indie Stitches-3

I made a Camilla in the Babe version- This is my 3rd Camilla though I had never thought to take pictures of the last 2 before I had given them as gifts. Its made from Quince & Co Lark. Lark is one of my all time favourite yarns, so soft and squishy. The Camilla is very pleasant to knit up being in a round with an easy shell pattern up the centre. More details for the knit are ravelled here.

I sewed a cot sheet using this great tutorial from My Poppet. I have made all Eddie’s cot sheets in the past using this tutorial- most with robots, dinosaurs and soldiers on them. It was LOVELY to make one in a nice pink and peach fabric I found at my local fabric store.

The hanky is made from left overs of some Lennox Gardens Lawn I had. Its been cut to a 10 x 10 inch square and Ive hand stitched a rolled hem around the edge. I wanted to embroider a little Z on there but ran out of time.

Peter Rabbit Indie Stitches 1

The pictures for this post didn't turn out as sharp as I would have liked  because Peter Rabbit was jumping and flying up the other end of the bed.

I really enjoyed making these gifts, in particular the hanky. Something very relaxing about the repetitiveness of the hand stitched hem. I’ll be adding hankies to my list of handmade gifts for sure now and might make a few up for myself too.

What sort of handmade gifts do you like give?