Living Arrows 15/52

120415-2 Neither of us could see out from under our fringes, so last week we finally got around to getting our hairs cut. I've had the same hairdresser for the last 10 years and I'm very attached to her- she is very good. She has just started working from Honeyeater in Bendigo and this was my first time at the salon. Its soooo nice there that I just want to go back in to have a coffee (which was delicious by the way) and read a magazine.  It was Ed's very first haircut. He was so sweet and just sat there with this little mouth open in awe of the pretty lights. He would turn his head trying  to see what Claire was doing but other than that he didn't wriggle around much. I was really surprised actually and expecting him to have only half a haircut due to a massive tantrum because I would have been trying to get him to sit still. I even brought my Mother in law along for backup. I wouldn't have blamed him if he did chuck one- I would hate someone trying to make me sit still too. He proved me wrong though and was almost angelic. I managed to keep a few of his curls: one for me and one each for his Grandmothers. There is still a bit of length about his hair though which I am very happy about.