Tiny Dates & A Pretty Magazine

Oh my boy, my big 3 year old. He’s so much more confident at the playground lately… maybe a little too confident! His favourite part of our tiny dates is the playground but mine is the nice big cup of coffee at the cafe over the road when we’ve finished jumping and swinging. The only way I can get him away from the playground actually is by promise of the smartie cookie and smoothie thats waiting for him when we get to the cafe.

I have finished Ed’s doll and am working on some custom ordered boy dolls. I love getting out my felt and fabrics and working out their hair colour and little outfits. I have finished the wee cardigan pattern too so I’ll be able to dress them in some woollies to match their pants. 

I came across this beautiful magazine by chance last week at our local news agent. I don’t usually buy magazines- with the exception of Frankie magazine and a new favourite, Hundreds & Thousands- but this one jumped out at me so I picked it up to flick through. I fell in love with it; the paper, the pictures, the insight into other makers lives and creative processes. I keep picking it up in my spare moments and reading and re-reading. Im particularly fond of the characters made by Emma Cocker. There’s so much inspiration in here for lovers of making and handmade.

I decided to give another makers patterns ago and purchased a softie kit and a cross stitch kit from Alicia Paulson, of the blog Posie Gets Cozy. I can't wait to start them!

Its still been stinking hot around our way so when we've not been at the park in the early mornings we've been heading to the library to enjoy some reading in the air conditioning. Note the super cute Ravelry t-shirt I got for Ed a few weeks ago. Wal may dress him in heavy metal t-shirts but when he's with his mum is all about the online knitting community heehee.

I hope you're keeping well and happy x